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May Pet of the Month


They say your home is where your pet is. Actually, we just made that up,  But one thing we know for sure - residents at  The 101 love their pets and we do too!

In fact, we love them so much that we like to make The 101 pets famous.  Residents send us their favorite pictures of their pet and each month a secret committee of animal experts (otherwise known as The 101 team members) pore over the entries and after much debate and discussion, a Pet of the Month winner is chosen. The human winner receives a gift card and their pet is treated like royalty, featured on social media and in our building for that month.

The May Pet of the Month is "Dave Belinc!" Dave is a seven year old miniature pincher and has lived at The 101 for six years! We were told by his human that he enjoys living here very much and spends his days relaxing around his pad, watching TV and taking walks…he's quite spry for his age. He may be a camera shy but he is certainly photogenic, congratulations Dave!

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