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Pillar Loves Pets 2017


We were flooded with some really 'pawsome' photos of the dogs and cats that call our apartments home for the 5th Annual Pillar Loves Pets photo contest.  With more than 100 entries, we were blown away by the precious pups and fancy felines who entered.  

Our residents love their pets (and we do too), so it's no surprise the competition was fierce! As the voting continued, the rankings were switching right up to the very last day. But only one pet could claim the top prize (and some serious bragging rights)!  After all, these pets were up against competition from all of our apartment homes in the Puget Sound region. 

The winner, with a whopping 2,609 votes is…(drum roll please) ........Miss Marley from The Wave (pictured above). Congratulations Miss Marley, you are a superstar!

Taking second place is Dexter from The Lyric!

The dogs at The Lyric are pretty popular because Brody who lives there too took third place!

The winning didn't stop there…the puppy eyes got us and we decided to award a judge's pick. Well, picks.

After extensive deliberation the judges declared Finn from The Century and Mister Milo from The Lyric as this year's judge's favorites. 

We had to give at least one feline a little love after all and this cat in a hat was purrfect.

A shout out to everyone at The 101 who participated, see one of The 101 pups below! Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us, until next year! 

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