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Tea Tasting at LizzyKate


LizzyKate is a fabulous local tea company located right in The 101 building.  They opened their shop last year and we think it is just lovely.  LizzyKate is a great place to chill out and sample a wide variety of teas from all over.  Let's just say these folks really know their tea - and they were gracious enough to share their passion with our residents!

We were greeted in the shop with steaming pots of tea and trays of tasty treats! At LizzyKate they believe the calming sensation that comes from drinking tea is universal, and that we all need more calmness in our lives…we couldn't agree more! It was definitely a calming morning sipping different teas and enjoying our neighbor's company.

Thank you to LizzyKate for hosting us!

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11 Main St S Kirkland, WA 98033